Websites for Car Detailers: Three Tips

When it comes to getting reconditioning business, a website is probably the perfect tool. For one, you're offering a service which fills a niche - a service your customers won't necessarily find by asking their friends for a recommendation. For two, the reconditioning you do is VISUAL. A site enables you to show visual evidence of the expert work you do. Seeing is believing. Thirdly, detailing isn't cheap. Customers of carwashes haven't found the place online. It's a cheaper service. When someone looks into detailing, they want to know the details. In the past three years, I've heard overwhelming agreement among successful detailers - a website is indispensable. But to create a site that generates hits is a challenge; one which designers fail to meet in three consistent ways:

1. The title of your site has to include what SERVICES you offer and WHERE you offer them.
When someone searches for your service using an internet search engine, the first thing they'll see representing your service is its title. This has to be to-the-point and clear. Save the bells and whistles for deeper within the site. Answer the questions WHO, WHAT, and WHERE in your title. Studies show that potential customers look at a page of results for usually under 15 seconds. In the blink of an eye, the title of your site has to clue a web visitor into the fact that you are a detailer working in their area.

2. Sites don't say anything about the people they represent.
People want to see the people behind the business. Don't be invisible. Make an "About Me" or "Who We Are" section of your website which answers questions people might have about you and your history as a detailer. When did you start? What brought you into the business? What drives your passion for detailing? How do you spend your free time? Be yourself. They've got to like your service, but also, they want to like you.

3. A website without deals is a dud.
Coupons and specials are often what gets a buyer to commit. The ones who are unsure about spending those extra dollars can be swayed by a time-sensitive deal featured on your website. Plan an offer that doesn't kill you - no need to offer half-off. You can nudge the buyer with a lower percentage off (15-25 percent) or with a free service (complimentary waxing). Car service businesses are excellent at this. Look to them for ideas. Brake deals, oil change specials, etc. Their specials are all over the place because they truly work to boost business. This is called strategic discounting. Car detailers, as a whole, have room to improve when it comes to using this tactic.


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